Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Standalone Appliance

Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Appliance

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The PostgreSQL Competence Center of credativ GmbH develops and maintains the open source project Elephant Shed. Elephant Shed is a powerful appliance that provides a complete PostgreSQL database environment including all the tools needed to run it. This appliance can be used as an immediately usable database server at any time. It is suitable for use on hardware as well as in virtualized environments.

Currently, the Elephant Shed is quickly and easily available in the form of packages for the current Debian operating system environment. These packages are maintained by our PostgreSQL experts and kept up-to-date for you in our repository.

Further versions for deployment on the most important virtualization and cloud platforms are in preparation.

Elephant Shed can be integrated into your own infrastructure as an appliance without any further dependencies and without a vendor lock. Numerous proven Open Source projects have been integrated within the appliance, which are accessible via a comfortable web interface and cover all areas of PostgreSQL database administration.

A central appliance dashboard provides the necessary overview and additional services. This includes the provision and processing of all important metrics by Prometheus and Grafana. All relevant log information is collected in automatically generated reports. pgBadger is used for this purpose.

The integrated backup solution is already preconfigured so that not only the recovery of the data but also a point in time recovery is possible. The backup functionality is implemented using pgBackRest and supplemented by the credativ GUI.

pgAdmin4 was also integrated into the appliance in order to administer the databases conveniently. All important functions needed to manage the underlying system are provided via the web interface. Services can be started, stopped, restarted, log messages can be viewed or the entire system can be updated. The management functions were implemented via the systemd frontend Cockpit. A shell is also available via the web interface, which allows direct access via the console. The shell is started directly in the browser. A direct SSH login is not required. The Shell In A Box project was used for this purpose. For Elephant Shed, a comprehensive and continuously updated documentation is provided and also made available via the integrated web interface.

Elephant Shed DashboardElephant Shed Monitoring DashboardElephant Shed pgAdmin4Elephant Shed Cockpit

The appliance dashboard, the monitoring overview, pgAdmin4 and Cockpit

Elephant Shed - Your advantages:

  • Completely available as a free Open Source solution
  • No costs for licenses or subscriptions
  • Available for x86 and ppc64
  • Preconfigured and tested system
  • Continuous maintenance of the software
  • Enormous time savings during commissioning
  • Individual adaptations and extensions possible
  • Optional: Workshops and trainings
  • Optional: Service and support by the PostgreSQL Competence Center 

Service and support from the PostgreSQL Competence Center

Of course, our service does not end with the provision of an appliance. For the Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Appliance we offer all our PostgreSQL services. This starts with an installation service according to the customer's wishes and requirements, as well as the integration into your environment. Of course we can also customize the appliance to meet our customers' special requirements, or expand it if required. A support offer - optionally also 24 hours a day and seven days a week - can be used by our customers.

Elephant Shed is now also available on the PostgreSQL hardware appliance from our partner Thomas-Krenn.