About PostgreSQL

About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Competence Center Icon 1PostgreSQL is an Open Source object-relational database management system that can be downloaded and used for free from the website

Initially, PostgreSQL started out as a project of the Computer Science Department in the University of California, Berkeley. Since then people from all over the world have continued the development and optimized the code, so that the project got known as PostgreSQL in 1996.

PostgreSQL is considered the best Open Source database system and supports SQL92 and SQL99 standards as well as boasting a whole series of other features.

As an object relational database system, PostgreSQL supports saving of non atomic data, inheritance and object identity. It also allows users to further add on by integrating user-defined data types as well as operators, and adding additional functions or extending existing ones. Referential integrity and advanced transaction management are just a small part of PostgreSQL’s features, as well as the possibility to define trigger and rules, that regulate access for database objects. PostgreSQL is available for free and it is usable without any further license fees.

PostgreSQL as an Open Source solution offers a practical and highly adaptable alternative with less operating costs, and without losses in performance and functionality. PostgreSQL therefore is a safe, stable, highly scalable and performance alternative to the currently leading proprietary databases. Last, PostgreSQL’s liberal license allows for almost absolute usage with no restrictions.

There are a ton of good reasons for you to move to/use PostgreSQL:

  • PostgreSQL has a BSD-like license and therefore allows integration into your own applications
  • PostgreSQL offers excellent linear scalability with rising CPU numbers as well as rising numbers of parallel connections
  • PostgreSQL is optimised for all available distributions
  • PostgreSQL offers outstanding performance reliability and stability
  • PostgreSQL is supported by a strong, global community and is being developed continuously
  • PostgreSQL is supported by credativ’s Open Source Support Center™ and thus receives unrivalled technical support in business-critical use.
  • PostgreSQL is free software and comes without license costs