Security Service

Security Service for your Open Source infrastructure

The extensive use of Open Source software generally also requires a concept for inventory, software management, maintenance and software distribution.

We offer numerous solutions and services regarding aforementioned requirements.

  • What Open Source projects and software components are being used in our company’s infrastructure?
  • Are we using old or outdated Open Source software, that is not getting patched or updated anymore?
  • Where does Open Source software get utilized as the central component?
  • What part of our business depends on these Open Source applications? Could there possible be risks and how can we get rid of them?
  • Do we have a reliable security and patch management?
  • How do we monitor and administrate our Open Source infrastructure?
  • Are there business risks on the account of license conflicts?
  • How do we make sure that we get support for Open Source software, which has no applicable manufacturer support available?

These are just a few of the important questions, to which you should have an answer.

Our Open Source Support Center™ also covers following areas.

Our services (excerpt):

  • Survey and analysis of all Open Source components in use
  • Security audits
  • Taking inventory and software management
  • Active monitoring
  • Notification of urgent, security relevant patches
  • Active security and patch management
  • 24x7 support with guaranteed service level agreements
  • Configuration management
  • Software deployment
  • Backups and backporting to old versions

For the services credativ is using the data provided by the Black Duck® KnowledgeBase™.

The Black Duck® KnowledgeBase™ is the world’s most extensive database for Open Source software. It goes back more than 10 yeas ago and contains more than 2+ million Open Source projects out of 8500+ sources. Furthermore included are more than 2400 software licenses with security vulnerabilities, license texts, as well as dozens of attribute and license requests. New versions and the associated metadata are constantly being updated.

Additionaly is a unique provider of news and information regarding the most important Open Source projects. Combining these two resources and complementing them with Black Duck’s leading Open Source analysis tools, allows for an extensive operating and legal risk management as well as a continuous traceability of potential security risks.

Since 2010 credativ is cooperating with Black Duck Software in a close partnership and offering worldwide support with the Open Source Support Center™, to Black Duck Software and their customers alike.