Support for your business

Support for your business

credativ provides support for Odoo across a variety of distributions and platforms. Throughout the entire life cycle of the system, we work harmoniously with our clients, ensuring that we know exactly what they need the system to do, therefore providing the most valuable service.

It is our experienced team of developers, project managers, and consultants that allow us to map requirements with solutions. Through dealing with clients across a range of business models, we have gained the expertise to quickly and efficiently identify and implement the correct app or customisation to help a business grow from strength to strength.

It is not only our knowledge of Odoo's capabilities that allow us to fulfil our client's needs, but also our comprehensive technical and project management resources.

credativ consultants have contributed, developed, and deployed functionality to meet client requests, including:

Accounts, invoicing, reporting and tax localisation for several countries

  • Integration with other accounting systems, such as Sage
  • Integration of accounting with your bank systems for automatic statement import and reconciliation
    • Includes HSBC Business, RBS, and Barclays, amongst others
  • Invoicing and automated accounting follow-up procedures
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and sales KPI reporting
  • Stock control management and reporting
  • Integration with 3PL (third party logistics)
  • Purchasing work flows and processes, with flexible customization for staff authorization needs
  • Manufacturing and management of bills of materials and kits
  • Project management including timesheeting and profit center driven cost control
  • E-mail integration, including the e-mail gateway and power e-mail
  • Document management

Through our Open Source Support Center™ we offer not only technical support, but a comprehensive service, including consultancy, installation, development, testing and remote infrastructure management. Our Open Source Support Center™ is open around the clock, 365 days per year.