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Odoo is a business solution software that provides complete flexibility to its users. Through its modular basis and use of "apps", Odoo gives businesses a complete, customizable, and easily extendible solution for its management needs and user efficiency.

The system is backed by over 2000 developers in 120 countries around the world. It is this community, led by Odoo itself with a new release every 18 months, that contributes to the 4000+ modules and apps available for Odoo and OpenERP.

These include, amongst others, CRM and sales management, manufacturing, warehouse management, accounting, human resources, project management, logistics, eCommerce platform, and website CMS.

Odoo allows you to start easily with one module to fit a specific need then add additional modules as and when you need them, enabling you to have as big or as small a system as your business requires. As your business grows and develops, Odoo can expand with it, providing efficiency and performance for your company.