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The policies stipulated herein apply to individual contributions of time and effort to FOSS community projects on behalf of credativ or in accordance with one of credativ’s customer projects. For the purposes of this policy, “contribution” means making software and/or related material (descriptions, documentation), for which credativ holds the copyright, available to third parties, or to the general public, under an Open Source license, granting access, modification and/or distribution rights with regard to the software in source code form.

credativ wishes to encourage contributions and community involvement in order to advance worthy technologies and projects, provide bug fixes and feature enhancements to FOSS, and minimize future maintenance costs for everyone.

The policy’s provisions seek to ensure that contributions align with credativ’s interests, contributions do not cause unnecessary technology fragmentation, and contributions do not accidentally compromise credativ’s intellectual property rights.

All contributions on behalf of credativ are to be handled or overseen by an experienced FOSS specialist.

Code Contribution / Changes to FOSS projects

Code written by employees on behalf of the company or in accordance with one of our customer projects does belong to credativ.

All changes made to a FOSS project shall be committed back to the project. If this is not possible, for whatever reason, these changes are to be looked into and it is recommended to make them suitable for contribution. In case they happen to be in accordance with our customer projects, the customer has to give permission of code contribution to FOSS projects.

Maintenance of FOSS

Projects maintained by credativ must have all maintainers employed with credativ. The support should be kept active as well as development and community interaction kept going if not in direct conflict with customer related work. If credativ, for whatever reason, decides to stop maintaining the project, said project is to be donated to the community, or declared inactive/end-of-life/dead.

Publishing of FOSS projects

Repositories of credativ’s FOSS projects must contain the following:

  • credativ has to be listed as primary maintainer / owner in the README
  • A brief description of the project in the README
  • Disclosure of the license the code is included in the README
  • Full copy of the license the code is included in the LICENSE file

As a maintainer credativ should:

  • Answer pull requests and issues
  • Decide if the project will continue to be maintained or should be archived
  • Keep the code and libraries up to date

Published code must not:

  • Contain business critical, confidential or classified information
  • Breach contracts or agreements between credativ and credativ’s customers
  • Contain information that may lead to weakened security of credativ’s data, users, or customers

Open Source Licenses

Code must be published under licenses approved and listed by the Open Source Initiative on its website at:

credativ advises its employees to publish code under the latest version of GNU General Public License (GPL) wherever possible.

The license must not hinder credativ’s opportunities to further develop the code so that a later version cannot be published.


credativ wants to actively help and promote Open Source projects worldwide and thus is open towards sponsoring Open Source projects. Inquiries can be addressed to the FOSS Liaison and sponsorships will be decided on a case by case basis.