Official Debian Images for Microsoft Azure are now available!!

Melissa Ames

We are pleased to now announce the Debian images for Microsoft Azure are complete and ready to access!

The free Debian Linux distribution is now available as a supported Distribution in the Azure MarketPlace.

In collaboration with Microsoft, credativ will also take care of the other Debian images. Debian images created by credativ are now available for Debian 8 (Jessie) and Debian 7 (Wheezy).

More information can be found via this Microsoft blog:

We thank all participating colleagues from the credativ Debian team, as well as Microsoft and the Debian Project for a smooth and professional collaboration.

Please click on the following link for access:

credativ's Open Source Support Centre offers comprehensive support for Debian GNU / Linux and many other open source projects.

Support for operations can be provided as required, or we can take over complete responsibility of operations for Linux-based operating environments and the entire open source stack. Our operations services are provided by credativ's Open Source Support Centre and completely cover all daily operations tasks. This can be carried out in partnership with you or fully integrated by credativ.

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