Odoo Version 9 Released!

Melissa Ames


Odoo V9 is here!


Over the last year the Odoo team have been working to create the latest ediiton of Odoo, increasing the efficiency and functionality of its modules. The result, version 9, is the simplest and most advanced version to date.

Odoo listen to the advice and requests from users and try to implement improvements based upon these suggestions. Here at credativ, our Odoo experts have been eagerly awaiting the release and are excited to see the benefits and how they can be extended to our clients.

Two of our consultants attended the Odoo Open Days earlier this year to learn about V9 and the new features. Their experience and discoveries were recounted in this blog post:

The key advances and features that have seen improvement include reporting across all modules, increased flexibility, and extended localisation for accounting and subscriptions.

The usability and navigation has been re-designed to create a smoother and easier journey for the user. The CRM and sales modules have been simplified and expanded and the project management and e-commerce modules are now more efficient, with customisations and tracking. 

Many elements of V9 have generated interest and speculation from both current users and developers alike. A main focus of version 9 was the increase of user-friendly modules across all industries, for example, the extensive restaurant functions, and the addition of mobile applications.

Compare editions, read the details and discover version 9 now!

The consultants here at credativ are looking forward to exploring the new features and putting their expert knowledge into practice with the latest edition!

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