Happy birthday, to us!

Irenie White

October marked credativ's 10th anniversary in the UK, a fantastic milestone which we celebrated as a team by doing a Go-Ape course together and enjoying a few glasses of champagne!

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It's a great excuse to celebrate and we're going into 2015 more optimistic than ever before. But it hasn't all been plain sailing; as many small businesses experience, the ups and downs in the early years of a company can be a rocky ride, especially when they coincide with a recession.  This year, we've undergone some big changes in the business, which have brought out the true colours of the core team at credativ UK; it's not just about working hard, although diligence has played its part - but in the last six months we've made a conscious effort to work smarter.

Last month we had our annual review by an external assessor to verify our adherence to industry best practice within the category of Software Product Design and Development of the business credential programme by CompTIA – their AccreditUK Trustmark+. The assessment involved an in-depth look at our business metrics in all areas; we were marked against criteria in organisational management, company direction, business generation, service delivery and operations and customer relations.

Not only were we recommended for continued certification against the Trustmark, but commended for the “great strides forward” that we had made as a team to improve the business, “in such a short period of time, and with many significant challenges to overcome;” (our assessor, Eric Witham).

While this is in part due to improved processes, business strategies and prioritisation leading to greater efficiency and improved relationships with our clients, it wouldn't have been achievable without the commitment and contribution from all members of the team, including our colleagues across the wider credativ group. So please join us in celebrating a very happy birthday and an exciting new year as we re-group and raise our glasses to a successful 2014. Cheers, everyone!



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