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Irenie White

Original blog post by Evgeni Golov appeared on on 26 May 2014 



The Debian LTS project has been progressing quickly. The Debian archive is already taking uploads for the new suite and there are mailing lists for announcements and communications. Regular support for Debian Squeeze ended on 31 May and the Squeeze LTS archive has already seen a couple of important uploads.

In this article I will explain how to stay informed about Squeeze LTS and how you can use it on your own server.

s usual with Debian, most of the communication about Debian LTS will take place via mailing lists. The three lists:- debian-lts, lts-debian-announce and debian-lts-changes - can be found at debian-lts is for discussion and coordinating actions: everyone can and should participate. Announcements about important changes (e.g. security uploads) are sent to debian-lts-announce, so this list is really a reference point for all users of Squeeze LTS. Those interested in reading more of the technical details should subscribe to debian-lts-changes, where changelogs and all uploads for Squeeze LTS are automatically posted. 

In addition to the mailing lists, there is an English-language channel on IRC: #debian-lts on

Squeeze LTS is, like security and backports, a complementary suite. This means that on a system using Squeeze LTS, Squeeze and Squeeze Security must be preconfigured as sources at the very least, so that all dependencies are fulfilled. Once in place, simply add squeeze LTS: deb squeeze-lts main. More details can be found on the Debian Wiki.

Once the new source is configured and the package lists have been updated (apt-get update aptitude update, etc.), the package debian-security-support should be installed first. This package includes a list of packages that are not, (or are only partially) supported by Squeeze LTS and the tool check-support status, which compares this list with the packages installed on the system.

If the risks of packages which are no longer supported have been thoroughly assessed, the system can be used as normal. Updates will be made available as usual and can be installed by the package manager. 

Debian thrives on participation, especially when it comes to a new project like Debian LTS. It is only with support from the community that there will be a Wheezy LTS to follow Squeeze LTS. That is why it is very important for everyone to not only report, but also to help wherever possible. credativ and its employees are strong supporters of the project, testing and fixing bugs, but we also invite YOU to join in, and further support the long term success of Debian LTS.

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