credativ turns 11!

Melissa Ames

Happy birthday

Last week, we celebrated our 11th Birthday in the UK!

We have seen some amazing developments in Open Source for business over the last 11 years. With these, our team, experience and knowledge have all expanded. As a result, we are proud to be leading the way for implementing Open Source into businesses and staying on the front line of the Open Source community and its developments.

This past year has seen a few changes for the business, with new staff and new strategies hoping to bring a better service for our clients. As a team, we are sharing values and a clear mission for credativ; each member striving to achieve our goals and provide the best in class for expertise and customer service. Whilst our team members here in the UK play a pivotal role in the success of the business, credit should also be extended to our colleages across the group also flying the credativ banner around the world.

We are excited for the prospects of 2016. We hope for another inspiring and successful year for us, our clients and our partners that have supported us along the way. Many thanks to those that have shared the journey with us over the last year, and we look forward to sharing a prosperous 2016 with you all!

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