credativ is attending AnsibleFest London 2017

Philip Haas

On June 22nd AnsibleFest London 2017 will take place.

At AnsibleFest, enthusiasts of the Ansible platform, founded by Michael DeHaan, meet to get to know each other and to discuss current events.

Due to the increasing relevance and popularity of Ansible, we gave two of our colleagues the opportunity to visit AnsibleFest London 2017.

Since 2013, AnsibleFest has been held several times a year with changing venues. For example in San Francisco or Brooklyn. The company Red Hat again is co-organizer and supports the event.

In addition to the social aspect of the event, the many lectures being held also attract the visitors. The lectures are categorized in the topics "Ansible Essentials", "Solutions", "Tech Deep Dive", "Networking" and "Ask an Expert".

In the Tech Deep Dive, for example, Roland Wolters, Solutions Architect at Red Hat will hold an exciting lecture on "Automating your Business Application's REST API with Ansible".

Ansiblefans may be curious!

Ansible is a 2012 created Open Source tool for orchestration, administration and configuration of computers. Ansible combines the functionality of configuration management, ad-hoc command execution and deployment.

Ansible has been created with experience from other projects as a simple and robust solution. More than 1000 modules for the configuration of various solutions are already included. Others can be installed at any time.

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