Royalty Free Open Standards Consultation

Irenie White

The UK government is currently consulting on the use of Open Standards and Open Source as an alternative for proprietary software. The proposed policy is being attacked by the large corporations who dominate the market of UK public sector IT and want to ensure government policy does not undermine their market share. Respond to the Consultation As part of the open source community we have a responsibility to respond to this Consultation - not just passively dis/agree with it. The closing date for submitting responses is fast approaching and coincides with election date next week, 3 May. It is the number of responses, rather than the amount written which will have the most impact - i.e. even if you can't answer every question, it's important just to respond explaining why you want Royalty Free Open Standards. So please, if you haven't already, do write in and encourage colleagues, family and friends to do so too. Use 'writetothem' to write to your MP It's important to draw the attention of MPs to this; they are trying to gather support at the moment so it could be convenient timing. Remember, if your company is in a different constituency from your home, you could write to both.

  1. Go to [website removed]
  2. Type your home postcode
  3. Click on the name under 'Your Member of Parliament'
  4. Fill in the box with your text and submit.

Suggested content for the letter to your MP

  • Introduce the Policy Exchange event on 30 April: Open standards for open government? and encourage them to attend. Even if they can't attend themselves, ask if they can send one of their London-based staff to attend in their place.
  • Encourage them to submit a response to the Consultation - perhaps offer to be available to discuss it or help them fill it in.
  • It doesn't have to be long and complicated - make it personal, don't send duplicate letters; explain what you regard to be the most pressing implications of failing to adopt royalty free open standards.

Let us know when you have written! Also, don't forget to add a link to the writetothem site and/or the Consultation to your company website/blog/other social media channels to get more support.

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