[TIP] OpenERP - Making searching easier

Irenie White

OpenERP is increasingly becoming a serious contender in the ERP market, as its features and usability improve. This tip explains how its flexible views provide ways to save time retrieving the data you want. You can search for the exact data you are interested in by just filling out the necessary search filters, but if there is a search which you perform on a regular basis, you have the option of saving filters to make life easier. This feature was added in the OpenERP webclient from version 6.0.0 and is available for all users. Simply go to any tree view and you will notice to the bottom right of the search filters, there is a drop down selection box '-- Filters --'... this is where the magic happens. filters_open_scaled.png To get started creating your own saved filter, enter the search as normal and after pressing the 'Search' button, simply select 'Save filter' from the drop down box, give it a name and press 'Save'. filter_save_scaled.png If you already have a filter defined for the view you are currently in, select your filter from the options available and it will be immediately applied on top of your current search results, replacing the currently selected filter if one is already selected. For the power users there are ways to customize your filters to exactly how you want them. You can select 'Manage Filters' from those available, or under Administration -> Customization -> Low Level Objects -> Actions -> Filters, you will see a list of all filters for all views and you will even be able to fine tune the search domain that the filter uses. At the time of writing there are a few pit falls to watch out for. When it comes to editing your filters it may just be easier to create a new one from scratch. The reason for this is that when you use a filter as well as other search parameters, when it comes to saving the filter it will save the two search conditions to the same filter, rather than exchanging the existing search condition. You may end up with much fewer results than you would expect, and might not even get any at all! Also, the hint text for the filter suggests that if a filter is not assigned to a user (by making it 'False'), it will be viewable by all users; currently this is not the case does not currently work but should be resolved in the next release. All tips in this blog can be found in the Tip Category. Should you need further Support for Linux, you've come to the right place at credativ.

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