Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Standalone Appliance

Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Standalone Appliance

Elephant Shed logoThe PostgreSQL Competence Center of credativ develops and maintains the Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Appliance as an open source project. This stand-alone appliance can be used at any time as an immediately usable database server with all necessary administration tools. It is suitable for use on hardware as well as in virtualized environments.

Currently, the Elephant Shed is quickly and easily available in the form of packages for the current Debian operating system environment. These packages are maintained by our PostgreSQL experts and kept up-to-date for you in our repository.

Further versions for deployment on the most important virtualization and cloud platforms are in preparation.

Service and support from the PostgreSQL Competence Center

Of course, our service does not end with the provision of an appliance. We are also happy to offer all our services for the Elephant Shed PostgreSQL Appliance. This starts with an installation service fit to customer requirements and the integration into your environment. Of course, we also adapt the appliance to our customers' special requirements or extend it if required. A support offer - optionally also 24 hours a day and seven days a week - can be used by our customers.

Smooth database operation

The Elephant Shed PostgreSQL appliance has been designed for smooth continuous operation. All components are carefully matched to each other and harmonized. This includes an integrated backup solution as well as extensive monitoring and a sophisticated preparation of the various measurement data. With this tool current status and performance data of the running database can be observed and evaluated.