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Michael Banck
Patroni is a PostgreSQL high availability solution with a focus on containers and Kubernetes. Until recently, the available Debian packages had to be configured manually and did not integrate well with the rest of the distribution. For the upcoming Debian 10 "Buster" release, the Patroni packages...
Michael Banck
The second beta release of PostgreSQL 11 (which is now feature frozen) has been released recently. Time to look at some of the improvements that credativ has contributed in the area of checksums and backups. Checksum verification during base backups Since version 9.3 it is possible to enable...
Michael Banck
In May, Consultants from credativ GmbH will be holding a 3 day advanced system and network administration workshop at the Open Source School in Munich. Training specifics (subject to modifications!): Kerberos : This training covers the Kerberos authentification protocol, which can handle a range of...