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Philip Haas
As the venue for this year's Open Source Summit Europe , Prague , the picturesque capital of the Czech Republic, was chosen, and as in previous years, credativ is not only visiting, but also sponsoring the Open Source Summit Europe . Open Source Summit has been the name for three events in one...
Philip Haas
PGConf.EU is an annual developer conference for the free database software PostgreSQL , hosted in Europe. Since many of our colleagues contribute to the development of PostgreSQL , either on behalf of the company or indivudually, we are very happy to visit PGConf.EU every year. With a total of 6...
Sven Bartscher
This year's DebConf was held from 6th to 12th August at the Collège de Maisonneuve in Montréal. We supported the event by sending 5 colleagues of ours and providing silver sponsoring . As in last years DebConf17 provided an incredibly productive environment as well as many interesting and thoughtful talks. Among the highlights are the Lightning Talks which featured a talk about how Google will rename their internal Distribution "goobuntu" to "gLinux" and switch from Ubuntu to Debian as their upstream. In Will there be Debian in your next BMW car? we were presented BMW's workflows regarding the usage of free and open source software on their cars and what role Debian might play for them.
Carsten Meskes
San Francisco, United States, August 7, 2017 - From today credativ is going to be a part of the OpenChain community and adhere to the specifications given by the OpenChain Project. “The addition of credativ brings another important Open Source pillar into the OpenChain community and boosts our mission to make Open Source Software compliance easier, more understandable and more transparent,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain Program Manager. “credativ is one of the early supporters of Free and Open Source Software in our community. They have engaged at a unique time. We are looking forward to working closely together to channel influence in the European, American and Indian market as we scale OpenChain self-certification.”
Philip Haas
The big day is approaching, as DebConf 2017 opens its doors next weekend. This year DebConf takes place in Montreal, Canada. On July 31st, the big preopening event, DebCamp started, which goes over to the actual DebConf on August 6th. DebConf takes place a whole week and attracts hundreds of...
Julian Schauder
Next to the indextypes like B-tree and BRIN, PostgreSQL supports hashindexes now for a long time. This index however was usually not recommended, as a lack of REDO-information in our transactionlog (Write Ahead Log, WAL) prevented replication and crash safety. A crash of the service could hence...
Philip Haas
Again this year, credativ travels around the globe to participate in DebConf 2017. We are pleased to announce that we are once again supporting the event with a silver sponsorship this year. DebConf is the world's largest Debian conference with annually changing venues and will take place this year from 6th to 12th August in Montreal, Canada at the Collège de Maisonneuve .
On June 22nd 2017 the annual AnsibleFest took place in London. Not far from the stunning Millennium Dome, also known as „The O2“, visitors from all over the world came to the InterContinental Hotel near the Thames for this spectacular Ansible event. London is taking turns with San Francisco for carrying out the AnsibleFest . San Francisco will host its AnsibleFest this year on September 7th.
Philip Haas
Next Monday the Postgres Vision 2017 in Boston begins. credativ is sponsoring the event as we did last year and we are looking forward to seeing many familiar and new faces. The 3-day event takes place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, and again this year it attracts a large number of PostgreSQL...
Philip Haas
On June 22 nd AnsibleFest London 2017 will take place. At AnsibleFest , enthusiasts of the Ansible platform, founded by Michael DeHaan, meet to get to know each other and to discuss current events. Due to the increasing relevance and popularity of Ansible , we gave two of our colleagues the opportunity to visit AnsibleFest London 2017 .