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Roland Wolters
Using Linux in schools gives children the ability to experience technologies aside of main stream operating systems, thus learning about technical diversity and enhancing their skills in different information technologies. credativ is about to finish a pilot phase using an adapted version of...
Roland Wolters
(written by asw) Being New OK, so I'm new at credativ, which gives me a bit of an outsider view of things. I've been a Linux sysadmin since leaving university but the thing which sold me on credativ was the dedication to Free Software. Many companies use Free Software as a platform to deliver their...
Roland Wolters
The Problem Both as part of our Open Security Filter and as a standalone service , we offer checking of emails for viruses using Clam AntiVirus. As the threat from viruses is constantly evolving, the ClamAV project provides ongoing updates to its virus definitions, to ensure that users are as well-...