Throwback to OpenExpo 2018

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Carsten Meskes

Last week credativ attended the OpenExpo in Madrid. The beautiful La Nave was chosen as a venue, and located a few kilometers south of the city center. The conference was kicked off on Wednesday for a full 12 hours of talk and networking from 10am to 10pm and ended on the next day in the early afternoon. On an area of 6.000m² the event had a big main area where all the company booth’s were located.

OpenExpo Venue

OpenExpo venue "La Nave"

A huge food & drink area, complemented by live music on evenings, was located outside, and 3 food trucks ensured that every attendee had their fill to eat and drink. Another big surprise setting OpenExpo apart from other conferences, was the sheer number of talks and rooms that were provided. Across 12 different rooms, ranging in size of 10~400 seats, about 300 talks, discussions and technical presentations were held. At an average time of 30~45 minutes that would be upwards of 250 hours of presentations on just those two days.

Some very interesting talks were:

  • Erik Albers of the Free Software Foundation Europe pushed its newest campaign “Public Money? Public Code!”, which they have been seeing success with. Paired with impressive metrics showing the potential cost savings and good news such as Barcelona’s change to Open Source software and their continued investments into Free Software, should have convinced everyone of this campaign at the end of his presentation. – At this point we would like to also express our thanks to the FSFE for always fighting on behalf of the Free Software community. Thank you and keep up the good work!
  • And Stephane Ribas of INRIA, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation, fascinated his audience with an intriguing comparison of silk factories in Lyon in the 19th century, showing similarities between patents and open access in the past and today.

All in all the OpenExpo showed a diverse pallet of attendees in visitors and exhibitors alike. Ranging from companies barely in contact with Free Software to companies developing and supporting Free Software on a daily basis; visitors new to Free Software along with veterans. Nevertheless at the end everyone looked like they had a great time and we certainly did as well.

OpenExpo Inside View  OpenExpo Signpost

Inside view of OpenExpo

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