Throwback to FOSDEM 2018

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Sujeevan Vijayakumaran

This year credativ attended FOSDEM again, which took place at the first weekend of February with the University of Brussels being the annual venue of choice. The presentations across the numerous tracks offered a versatile insight and a great deal of information in regards to Open Source projects, and visiting the booths also made for several interesting conversations.

Similarly to the last couple of years, the attendance for FOSDEM was brilliant. Like last year most presentation halls even had a queue which only dissipated slowly over the course of the day. Official numbers have not been released, however over 10.000 WiFi devices were connected to the conference network.

The PostgreSQL devroom too was filled to capacity leveraging the sheer number of attendees. This immense visitor rush naturally needed a good organization. Andreas Scherbaum published a post on to show and explain how the PostgreSQL devroom was organized.

Everyone who were not able to attend the conference or managed to miss some of the various presentations, can still view them afterwards. Quite a few records of talks have already been uploaded and will continue to get uploaded. The recordings can be viewed on the FOSDEM YouTube channel or alternatively on

In this context we would like to thank the organizers of FOSDEM, that, every year again, manage to attract more and more Open Source enthusiasts from around the world, while still keeping the iconic Open Source community flair.

Visitors at FOSDEM in front of the Linux Foundation booth and various PostgreSQL booths

Visitors at FOSDEM in front of the Linux Foundation booth and various PostgreSQL booths

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