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Sven Bartscher

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This year's DebConf was held from 6th to 12th August at the Collège de Maisonneuve in Montréal. We supported the event by sending 5 colleagues of ours and providing silver sponsoring.

As in last years DebConf17 provided an incredibly productive environment as well as many interesting and thoughtful talks. Among the highlights are the Lightning Talks which featured a talk about how Google will rename their internal Distribution "goobuntu" to "gLinux" and switch from Ubuntu to Debian as their upstream. In Will there be Debian in your next BMW car? we were presented BMW's workflows regarding the usage of free and open source software on their cars and what role Debian might play for them.

DebConf banner  College Innenhof

Aside from these stories of Debian's increasing popularity there were also critical or even provocative talks like Heresies in Free Software — what do the next 20 years look like? in which Matthew Garret talks about deficiencies in Debian's ideological and technical development and Engineering Best Practices vs Open Source in which fundamental best practices of the FOSS community are questioned.

Our own colleagues of course were also involved in various talks like Recent Advancements and Current Challenges in Debichem and Postgres and Debian, BoFs like the DSA BoF, the SPI BoF and the Debian Publicity BoF or volunteering for the video team.

credativ employees at the job fair. From left to right: Michael Banck, Sven Bartscher, Martin Zobel-Helas, Michael Meskes, Noël Köthe  Michael Banck holding a talk

As in last years credativ had a booth at the job fair to make new connections and hopefully interest some people in the work at credativ.

This years on-site accommodation was provided in form of shared dormitories for 5 people each. Even though this setup didn't provide enough privacy for many attendants who had to make use of alternatives like the Royal Victoria College or nearby hotels, the on-site accommodation was fully booked for the conference and as I was told very pleasant to be accommodated in.

DebConf17 was like previous DebConfs a great event with many opportunities to exchange and collaborate with fellow Debian contributors. I am very happy to have had the possibility to attend and am looking forward to DebConf18 in Taiwan at which credativ will of course not be missing.

DebConf is the world's largest Debian conference with annually changing venues. Debian is one of the most famous Linux distributions and has thousands of users worldwide.

In addition to Michael Banck, the credativ employs many members of the Debian project. Our Managing Director, Dr. Michael Meskes, has been actively involved in Debian even prior to the founding of credativ GmbH (1999). Thus a close and long-lasting relationship between credativ and the Debian project could establish.

More pictures from DebConf can be found at TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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