PostgreSQL deployment with Kubernetes and OpenEBS

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Carsten Meskes

Lately, with the rise of extensive container orchestration and microservices, Kubernetes has been getting more and more exposure and has become the de facto standard for orchestration in these environments. In this context, orchestration of PostgreSQL clusters with the help of Kubernetes has been a more recent development that can improve availability and reduce operational overhead.

In order to shed some light on the integration of PostgreSQL with the help of containerization software, credativ recently collaborated with MayaData on a joint blog post. This blog post focuses on reasons and benefits on adapting this emerging practice and provides a hands-on walkthrough of setting up PostgreSQL with Patroni on OpenEBS, so you can begin testing in your own environments.

About Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a open source project designed for automated deployment and container orchestration as well as use as a microservices platform. Open sourced by Google in 2014 the Kubernetes project has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the recent years.

About OpenEBS and MayaData

OpenEBS is a broadly deployed open source storage management project sponsored and mainly developed by MayaData. MayaData provides storage related services to containerized and cloud-native environments and supports customers on their quest to easier and faster environments.

About credativ

Founded in 1999, credativ is a international consulting and services company offering comprehensive services and technical support for the implementation and operation of open source software in a wide variety of business applications.

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