PostgreSQL 12 Beta 4 released

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Christoph Berg

Yesterday, the fourth beta of the upcoming PostgreSQL major version 12 was released.

Compared to its predecessor PostgreSQL 11, there are many new features:

  • Performance improvements for indexes: btree indexes now manage space more efficiently. The REINDEX command now also supports CONCURRENTLY, which was previously only possible with new indexes.
  • WITH queries are now embedded in the main query and thus optimized much better by the planner. Previously, WITH queries were always executed independently.
  • The native partitioning was further improved. Foreign keys can now also reference partitioned tables. Maintenance commands such as ATTACH PARTITION no longer require an exclusive table lock.
  • The support of page checksums and the tool pg_checksums was further improved, also with substantial cooperation by credativ.
  • It is now possible to integrate additional storage engines. The "zheap", which is still under development, will be based on this, which promises more compact data storage with less bloat.

Of course, PostgreSQL 12 will be tested using sqlsmith, the SQL "fuzzer" from our colleague Andreas Seltenreich. Numerous bugs in different PostgreSQL versions were found with sqlsmith by using randomly generated SQL queries.

Debian and Ubuntu packages for PostgreSQL 12 are going to be published on with credativ's help. This work will be handled by our colleague Christoph Berg.

The release of PostgreSQL 12 is expected in the next weeks.

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