DebConf 2017 in Montreal starts this weekend!

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Philip Haas

DebConf 2017 LogoThe big day is approaching, as DebConf 2017 opens its doors next weekend. This year DebConf takes place in Montreal, Canada.

On July 31st, the big preopening event, DebCamp started, which goes over to the actual DebConf on August 6th. DebConf takes place a whole week and attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the world.

credativ visits the event with a total of 5 colleagues. Michael Banck, project manager at credativ, as well as Debian-Contributor, holds two interesting talks about Debian in interaction with the free database PostgreSQL as well as Debichem, a Debian Pure-Blend for the chemistry sector.

Of course, we do not just visit the DebConf, but also support the event with a silver sponsoring.

We hope to meet the well-known faces of the last years, as well as many new people.

Further information about the event, as well as the lectures held, can be found on the event website.

DebConf is the world's largest Debian conference with annually changing venues. Debian, originally 'Debian GNU/Linux' is one of the most famous Linux distributions and has thousands of users worldwide.

In addition to Michael Banck, the credativ employs many members of the Debian project. Our Managing Director, Dr. Michael Meskes, has been actively involved in Debian even prior to the founding of credativ GmbH (1999). Thus a close and long-lasting relationship between credativ and the Debian project could establish.

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