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On this page we would like to inform you about our child sponsorships. credativ and child sponsorships? How did it come?

A long time ago, we decided to refrain from sending Christmas cards, calendars or Christmas cookies in favor of supporting an aid project.

It is particularly important for us to provide direct and sustainable assistance. Of course, we also want to make sure that our support is recieved where it is required. For this reason, we have opted for a long-term child sponsorship with World Vision.

Together with many prominent supporters such as Hugh Jackman, Céline Dion or Morgan Freeman, we share the view that it is important to support the international work of World Vision.

With these sponsorships we help children in the poorest countries of the world and make a small but important contribution to a better future. We especially like the direct support of the whole family of our sponsored children. This support is oriented towards the actual needs of children and their families.

We are very happy about the positive reactions of our customers and business partners regarding our sponsorships.

Would you like to sponsor a child?

A child sponsorship is not only a particularly lasting, but also a very personal way to help. You know exactly which child you support and where it is at home. You can write to him or even visit him and get to know his family and village.

Over nine million children die every year before their fifth birthday of hunger or preventable diseases such as diarrhea or malaria. Give children the chance to live a longer life - with a child sponsorship at World Vision!

Our sponsored children:

Shreporna World Vision sponsorshipTahidu World Vision sponsorshipJasser World Vision sponsorship