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About Icon 1We are an independent consulting and services company and since 1999 been offering comprehensive services and technical support for the implementation and operation of Open Source software in business applications.

Our Open Source Support Center™ provides the necessary reliability to make use of the numerous advantages of free software for your organization.

Our support is always available for you, around the clock and 365 days a year.

Our Open Source Support Center™ is operating from Germany, India and the United States.

Discover our wide range of services in and around Open Source Software.

Through our Open Source Support Center™ we provide global premium support for a wide range of Open Source projects, that play a fundamental role and are of utmost importance in the IT infrastructures of many companies today.

Moreover we are obliged to the principles of free software and actively support the development of Open Source software.

Most of our consultants are actively involved in numerous Open Source projects. Those include for example Debian, PostgreSQL, Icinga, and many more well-known projects.

Additionally our employees are among the leading Linux and Open Source specialists in the world.

Our numerous customers use our expertise, which is the basis for our comprehensive services and support at the highest technical level.